Why Online Businesses Should Use Made to Measure Boxes

Made To Measure Boxes

To help you decide whether to switch from regular to custom-made packaging we’re revealing our top 5 reasons online businesses should use made to measure cardboard boxes.

If you run a business exclusively online you may think that all your attention should be dedicated to your website, digital marketing and products. However, there are more than a few reasons you shouldn’t neglect your packaging which we will run through in this blog.

Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

With many online businesses competing for attention from customers, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd. One of the many ways you can do this is by using made to measure cardboard boxes for your products. If a customer is impressed with how they receive their parcel they will view your brand in a favourable light and be more likely to purchase again or leave a positive review.

Could Help Raise Brand Awareness

Using made to measure boxes could also help with your marketing and build brand awareness. User-generated content is a big tool for online businesses. If one of your customers or influencers tags your business on social media with a picture of their product inside the box, would you be happy with the look? Or would it just look like an average box?

Save Space in Your Office

If you’re running an online business from your home or a small office, made to measure cardboard boxes will take up less room as they’re designed to be compact. This means you can store more packaging – especially helpful if your orders are growing or you’re heading into a busy seasonal period.

Prevent Breakages

One of the most important considerations for switching to made to measure boxes is to ensure your product arrives securely to the customer’s address. Using a box that’s perfectly shaped and sized to fit a product will prevent it rattling around during transit. If you sell fragile items such as TVs, glassware or alcohol then you’ll want to prevent breakages to keep your customers happy. Bubble wrap, thicker cardboard and made to measure boxes makes for the perfect packaging combination for those fragile and high-value items.

More Economical and Eco-Friendly

Made to measure boxes are not only more economical, they’re also more eco-friendly. Not only will you help save the planet by only using the resources you really need, you’ll also save money over time.

Using made to measure cardboard boxes is not just a practical choice to ensure that your products arrive in pristine condition, it also makes good sense for your online business.

If you’re an online business that’s considering using made to measure cardboard boxes, contact JB Packaging to speak to one of our customer advisors or fill out our form.

Should I Choose Single Wall or Double Wall Cardboard?

Single and Double Wall Cardboard

If you’re a business that sells products and you’re looking for custom-made packaging, you may be wondering whether you should choose single wall or double wall cardboard boxes. As made-to-measure packaging specialists, this is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions, so in this blog we’ll help you select the right type of cardboard box for your products.

Should I Choose Single or Double Wall Cardboard?

Cardboard for commercial packaging is usually constructed from three components: the ‘inside liner’ usually made from recycled paper, the corrugated ‘fluting’ which can be a strength of your choice to suit the products, and the ‘outside liner’.

When selecting the ‘fluting’ and cardboard thickness you should factor in the storing conditions, product weight and the desired aesthetic.

When to Choose Single Wall Cardboard

Single wall boxes are a common choice for packaging lightweight e-commerce products and is a cheaper option than double wall boxes. From cosmetics and accessories, to CDs and toys – there are a wealth of products that are perfect for packaging in single wall boxes. More specifically we recommend that you use single wall cardboard for items that weigh between 5 – 15 kg.

When to Choose Double Wall Cardboard

Made for heavier or higher value items such as flat-screen TVs or expensive jewellery, double wall cardboard offers more strength and rigidity than a single wall box. We recommend double wall boxes for products between 15 and 40 kg.

Specific Measurements

These specific measurements should help you choose the right cardboard strength and thickness for your products.

B Flute (Single Wall)

B Flute (Single Wall) Measurements

B/C & E/B Flute (Double Wall)

B/C & E/B Flute (Double Wall) Measurements

We hope this guide has helped clear up any confusion on whether you should use single or double wall cardboard for your packaging. Using bespoke cardboard boxes means you can tailor your single or double box to perfectly fit the size and shape of your product.

Whether you need a single box to send a gift, or thousands of boxes to pack your products, at JB Packaging we offer a fast turnaround with our made-to-measure packaging services to ensure your customers are kept happy. Each and every bespoke box is carefully designed to provide optimal protection from impacts and crushing and increase packing productivity.

Top 5 Excellent Packing Tips for eBay Sellers

Top 5 Excellent Packing Tips for eBay Sellers

Whether you’re running a business through eBay or just hoping to make a little extra pocket money on a few unwanted items, we’re detailing our top 5 packing tips for eBay sellers.

1. Made-to-Measure Cardboard Boxes

While made-to-measure cardboard boxes involve a little more investment, they are a great way to ensure that your packaging fits your signature products like a glove. Not only does this help your business look more professional it will also give the customer a great first impression. As custom boxes are perfectly shaped and sized to fit your items, this ensures that they arrive to your customers in excellent condition.

If you’re interested in made-to-measure cardboard boxes for your eBay sales, JB Packaging offers professional packaging at competitive prices.

2. Choose The Right Cardboard Strength

Choosing the right cardboard is not just about knowing the dimensions you require, but also about knowing what strength your items need.

As a general rule, if you’re selling a higher value or heavy item you will want double-walled cardboard boxes, whereas lightweight or lower value items can be suitably packaged in single-walled boxes.

3. Use Enough Sticky Tape!

As well as choosing the right cardboard, you will need to consider using a decent amount of tape that’s a suitable strength to ensure that the box flaps don’t open in transit. The last thing you want is for your customer to not receive their item because it fell out of the box!

4. Choose The Right Box Design

You may scratch your head wondering which box design or style you need. There are three key designs you should know about and we’ve listed below which products they’re best suited for:

  • 0201
    This popular cardboard box is square-shaped and perfect for lightweight items, such as shoes, toys or makeup.


  • 0203
    This style of box offers extra strength and is perfect for packing heavier items, such as furniture.


  • 0409
    This flat box is suitable for items such as brochures, TVs, films, CDs, and books and, if the item is small enough, is perfect for posting through letter boxes to ensure a hassle-free delivery.

5. Add A Personal Touch?

While this is optional, adding a personal touch is a great way to make your customers feel special. Adding a personal note or even a gift voucher that entitles them to a discount off their next purchase with you are all nice touches. This may even turn first-time customers into repeat and loyal buyers of your products.

So those are our top 5 helpful packing tips for eBay sellers. At JB Packaging we offer a wide range of bespoke packaging manufactured using high quality corrugated cardboard to ensure maximum protection for all of your items.

Top 4 Tips to Make Your Product Packaging Leave an Impression

Product Packaging

There are many things to consider when running an eCommerce business and one of those is your packaging. It can be easy to think packaging is just about getting a product safely from A to B, however it also makes good business sense to include your packaging into your overall brand image. In this blog we’re revealing our top 4 tips to make your product packaging leave a good impression on your customers.

1. Make sure the products are protected

First things first, you need to make sure your products are sufficiently protected. If your item is damaged or arrives in poor condition, this will certainly not leave a favourable impression on the recipient, and they will probably complain.

At JB Packaging we can advise on the strength of cardboard and internal supports you should use to give all your items the best chance of arriving in pristine condition.

2. First impressions count!

Let’s face it, most of the post we receive is boring and administrative, so this is your chance to really make someone excited about receiving and opening their parcel from your business. This is where selecting presentable packaging is important.

Whether you want to add your brand image with logo prints or brand colours, first impressions really do count.

Make it exciting to open!

It’s not necessarily all about the outer cover of your box, it’s nice to also include a personalised note inside to thank a customer for shopping with you, or you can even give customers the option to write their own personalised message if they’re sending an item as a gift.

Use a made-to-measure cardboard box

Using a made-to-measure box is a smart solution for packaging all your products. With a box that fits your item like a glove, you can economise on space while also creating a professional impression for your customers.


So there you have our top 4 quick tips for making product packaging look presentable. We hope you found our suggestions useful and we hope your customers will appreciate your new custom boxes and packaging solutions.

With over 35 years’ experience in creating made-to-measure packaging, we’re experts in the industry and know how to perform a quick high-volume turnaround for your business. Contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation quote.

JB Packaging Open During Lockdown to Keep Your Business Moving

Woman with long blonde hair wearing a mask and holding an open cardboard box.

With the country now in its second lockdown, many retail businesses will be concerned about whether any external companies they rely on will still be operating as normal. We understand that many businesses would grind to a halt without a reliable packaging supplier – and not being able to fulfil customer orders is a manager’s idea of a nightmare! We want to reassure all our loyal and new clients that we are still open as normal and creating bespoke boxes for local businesses in Peterborough and beyond.

Will I be able to fulfil Christmas orders during lockdown?

The run-up to Christmas is one of the most important and busy periods for many businesses who sell products. We’re still operating as normal so you can carry on your day-to-day business operations with minimal disruption, even during lockdown.

If you’re running an eCommerce store, you may even receive more orders than usual due to the closure of physical shops up and down the country. We want to make sure that you’re not only able to continue shipping products to your customers, but also be prepared for a potential increase in orders.

If your current packaging supplier has closed or reduced its capacity to deliver your boxes on time, we can help get you back on your feet. We offer a fast turnaround and with over 35 years’ experience we are a trusted name for bespoke packaging.

Are you following the latest government guidelines?

We are following the latest government guidelines and social distancing measures to ensure our packaging is safe to use.

Based in Peterborough, we work alongside clients throughout the UK to deliver high-quality boxes to suit their products and business needs.
If you’re in need of robust corrugated boxes at competitive prices, contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

Telephone: 01733 866 495
Email: sales@jbpackagingsolutions.co.uk


How to Choose the Right Cardboard Boxes for Product Packaging

No matter how large or small, if you run an online shop one of the many things you need is suitable packaging for your products. At JB Packaging Solutions in Peterborough we offer bespoke made to measure cardboard boxes to suit all your products – from jewellery to furniture. In our blog we’re explaining the different types of cardboard boxes available so you can choose the right one every time.

How do I know which cardboard box is right for my products?

From choosing a style to selecting the correct cardboard strength, we’ve got you covered in our step-by-step guide on how to choose the right box for your products.

Choose a style:

When it comes to product packaging, there are 3 corrugated box styles we recommend. Each offers a slightly different level of strength and number of flaps, and they are all referred to with a unique 4 digit number. 

  • 0201
    The most popular box style, the 0201 consists of 2 bottom flaps and 4 flaps at the top. This square shaped box is perfect for fairly lightweight items, such as shoes or toys
  • 0203
    Similar to 0201, the 0203 box has flaps that cover the base and top completely. Also known as the fully overlap box, this style offers extra strength and is perfect for packing heavier products, such as furniture.
  • 0409
    This box is often referred to as a 5 panel wrap and can be manufactured in single or double wall corrugated cardboard.

A popular choice for flatter items, such as brochures, TVs, films, CDs, and books this box style is easy to store and offers plenty of protection. If small enough, this box is also suitable for posting through letter boxes to ensure a hassle-free delivery.

If you’re selling a specialist product and you’re not sure which style is right for you, you can call our friendly team for advice. 

Box styles infographic

Choose your thickness (flute type):

Another thing you will want to consider is the thickness of your cardboard, or flute type. The flute refers to the wavy corrugated sheet between the two flat layers of paper.

There are 3 main types of flute we offer:

  • B/C double wall – two layers of fluting (6mm thickness)
  • E/B double wall – two layers of fluting (4.5mm thickness)
  • B flute single wall – single layer of fluting (3mm thickness)

Flute types Infographic

Double or single wall?

As a general rule, single wall boxes are suitable for lightweight products, whereas for heavier or more valuable items we recommend using a double wall box. 

Single wall boxes:

  • Cheaper than double wall boxes
  • Common choice for e-commerce packaging
  • Perfect for lightweight products

Double wall boxes:

  • Perfect for heavier or higher value products
  • Made to withstand more damage
  • Offers more strength and rigidity than a single wall box

With the rise of small and start-up businesses in Peterborough, our lightweight boxes are the perfect eco-friendly packaging solution that can be posted without too much expense.

Choose your paper strength:

We use two types of paper in all our boxes: Kraft and Test. 

  • Manufactured from softwood trees, Kraft paper is the strongest type available for cardboard boxes and is commonly used on the outer layer.
  • Test paper is double-layered paper that has been recycled and is commonly used for the inner liner.     

We offer a range of paper weights (gsm), including: 125, 150, 200, and 300. 

The higher paper weights are thicker, which can be a great way to provide extra protection and preserve presentation for your customers. 

Whether you’re selling luxury jewellery, novelty gifts, or essential kitchenware, we understand the importance of all your products arriving in perfect condition. That’s why we manufacture boxes that are strong and durable.

Choose your size and shape:

At JB Packaging we offer bespoke cardboard boxes. If you provide us with the length, width, and height you need in mm, we can offer you a competitive quote with a fast turnaround. Whatever you need to deliver to your customers, we have a box for you. 

Choose your colour:

We currently offer a choice of brown or white paper for our liners. You can also upload a print of your choice.

Why Choose JB Packaging?

With over 35 years’ experience, JB Packaging Solutions have become experts in providing made to measure cardboard boxes for domestic, commercial, and business use. We know how to create boxes with unique shapes and sizes, and we take the time to add the durable internal supports needed to ensure your boxes don’t break or falter under shipping pressures. 

We hope this blog will help you figure out the right cardboard box you need for your product. But whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or not, our friendly experts in Peterborough are more than happy to point you in the right direction. Give us a call today for expert advice or to get a free quote on our made to measure cardboard boxes.

Moving Away for Uni: Key Tips on How To Pack For University

Student Moving Boxes

It’s about that time of year again where students are making their way to University after being stuck at home during the pandemic and, here at JB Packaging, we’ve helped plenty of students make the big move. If you’re just starting at your new home for the next three (or more!) years but are having trouble getting everything packed there’s no need to worry. We’re going to give you all the tips you need to make heading to Uni easier than you could’ve ever imagined.

We know you’re busy and have got packing to do, so continue reading to learn 4 top tips on how to pack for university and maximise your space!

Pack in Stages

Instead of trying to pack everything at once, start packing early. It will reduce the likelihood of having to rush at the last second risking leaving something that you need behind – especially if you’re venturing out far away from home.

The reason you want to pack in stages is so that you can take your time to pack everything properly. When you rush through packing, you could end up breaking something and have to purchase it again once you reach University.

Pack Like-Items Together

The last thing that you’re going to want to do after a long day of travelling is being stuck in your room unpacking for hours. That’s why when you’re packing some of the best advice that we can give to you is to pack like-items together.

Group together kitchen utensils, clothing, books and stationery, toiletries, etc. You’ll thank us later!

Purchase Space Organisers

When you get to University, you’ll want to make the most of the space that you have. The best way to use the space that you’ve been given wisely is to make use of a space organiser.

Organisers give you the extra space that you need, such as a hanging shoe rack in your wardrobe, or clothing cubes under your bed. You may also want to consider storage for pots and pans that you’ve brought from home to cook all of your meals, though hopefully there’ll be space in your kitchen for this.

Gather Packing Supplies

The first thing you need to do before you’re able to begin packing is to gather your packing supplies. You’ll probably find yourself with delicate items, such as lamps, photo frames or home comforts you wish to take with you. With our student moving kit, you’re going to get the boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to help transport your belongings safely and securely.

Again, make sure to group things in categories, such as kitchen, clothing and toiletries, making it much easier to unpack and quicker for you to get socialising. Oh, and don’t forget to keep our Student Moving Kit boxes to help you move out again at the end of the year!

How to Pack For University?

If you’d like more help with your move to University, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at JB Packaging. For those of you who are looking for sturdy and secure packaging to transport a specific item, such as art or international students, take a look at our Made to Measure Cardboard Boxes. From paintings to unusually sized items, we are able to create the perfect box for your needs. Call us today on 01733 866 495 for more information.

5 Benefits of Using Custom Cardboard Boxes for Business

Cardboard Boxes

Bespoke packaging is a popular solution for many businesses across the UK and beyond. It’s the perfect way to protect your goods from dirt and damage during transit and ensures your branding gets in front of every single customer that orders from your business.

Long gone are the days when companies are sending their products in standard, brown boxes. That’s why we wanted to share with you the benefits of opting for custom cardboard boxes if you haven’t already!

Made to Measure

When transporting goods to your valued customer, you want to ensure that you have the very best box for the job. An excellent way of achieving this is to make sure the packaging is the correct size and fit for your item. This will give you peace of mind that your product is as secure as it possibly can be and reduces the risk of damage when travelling from one location to another.

Better Protection of Items

Custom packaging offers better protection over standard cardboard boxes, as it has been specifically designed to match your products length, width, height and requirements. JB Packaging are experts in designing boxes with unique shapes and sizes to meet your needs. We even take the time to add durable internal supports to ensure your box doesn’t break or lose its strength under shipping pressures.

Show Off Your Brand

Tailor your cardboard packaging to complement your branding! Attractive branding is known to have a highly positive impact on user experience, therefore a benefit of using bespoke boxes is that you can upload your chosen print to create a fantastic first impression. Putting a lot of effort in your packaging is a great way to get ahead of your competitors and create long lasting relationships with your customers.

Choose Your Box Style & Thickness 

Our made to measure boxes come in a wide range of box styles and flute types for you to choose from. You can choose between single or double wall thickness and styles ranging from 0200 to 0409. If you’re not sure what you need, read our FAQs or contact our friendly team for advice.

Maximise Shipping Volumes

Finally, bespoke packaging can help you maximise your shipping volumes as it is designed to fit the product perfectly. This will help decrease the amount of excess space you find with standard packaging and therefore can help reduce your costs.

Where to Turn When You’re Looking for Bespoke Packaging

If you’re looking for made to measure cardboard boxes, JB Packaging can help. Our boxes are carefully designed with the customer in mind and we can quickly create a high quality box to suit your needs. Get in touch with our experts today for a free quote or for more information.