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Need a box that’s a little out of the ordinary? Turn to JB Packaging Solutions, the experts in designing and manufacturing made-to-measure cardboard boxes. Our team of packing and moving specialists can quickly create bespoke cardboard boxes that suit a range of applications. Whether you need a one-off box or a large fulfilment order, we’ll quote you a competitive price accordingly and deliver a high-quality box that perfectly suits your requirements. Explore our available box styles, sizes and flute types below and request a free quote today. We’ll create the perfect packaging solution for you!

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    Flute Types

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    Do I Need a Custom Box for Shipping?

    If you need a specific shape or size for an item you’re delivering, whether for personal or commercial purposes, then we recommend using a custom box.

    Not only is it a fast and efficient shipping solution, it’s also great for creating a professional impression even before the recipient opens their parcel.

    Whether you want to deliver a gift to a family member or friend, or you’re a business or commercial client who needs made-to-measure boxes to match specific items, custom boxes for shipping is the smarter way to package your items.

    The attention to detail that made-to-measure boxes can offer does not go unnoticed, and customers often leave favourable reviews for products that don’t just arrive on time, but have also been beautifully packaged.

    We’ll make sure your packaging fits your items like a glove every time and with our expert knowledge of packaging, we can advise on the type of custom box you need and provide the correct level of internal support.

    Why Order Made to Measure Boxes from JB Packaging?

    JB Packaging Solutions has been the one-stop shop for stock and bespoke cardboard boxes for over 35 years, making us experts when it comes to custom box designs. We know how to design and manufacture boxes with unique shapes, and we take the time to add the durable internal supports needed to ensure that your boxes don’t break or falter under shipping pressures. Our made-to-measure cardboard boxes are strong, yet lightweight, and our turnaround time can’t be beat. We’re ready to fulfil all orders regardless of size or requirements, so request a free quote below and contact our team in Peterborough for more information. We’ve got you covered!


    We have compiled a list of our top questions below, which we hope will answer any queries you may have. You can also contact our team on 01733 866 495 for more information.

    0200 is a cardboard box style that is open at the top and has flaps at the bottom only. The bottom flaps can be sealed to provide a secure bottom for storage purposes.

    0201 is the most popular box style. This consists of 2 bottom flaps and 4 flaps at the top for the lid. It is commonly used for storage, packing and transportation.

    0203 (often known as the fully overlap box) is similar to 0201 but has flaps that cover the base and top completely. This style offers extra strength and is perfect for packing heavy products.

    This box is often referred to as a 5 panel wrap and can be manufactured in single or double wall corrugated cardboard. This is a popular choice as it’s easy to store and provides plenty of protection to products.

    Single Wall boxes are a cheaper alternative to Double Wall and often used for e-commerce packaging. These are cost-effective and perfect for protecting any lightweight products.

    Double Wall corrugated boxes are are an ideal choice for heavier weighted products or higher value items. These are made to withstand more damage and offer greater protection than what a Single Wall box can provide.

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