Bespoke Cardboard Boxes


We can design and manufacture made to measure cardboard boxes to your exact needs. Whether you need one box to ship your picture frame to the other side of the world or thousands of boxes to pack your products, we offer a fast turnaround with your orders. We design your bespoke boxes in such a way to increase protection from impacts and crushing. Our experience over the years allows us to anticipate your products weak points that are prone to breaking. We can then adjust the design to protect the susceptible area. This can save customers money in the long run with fewer broken products and returns. Furthermore we can evaluate your current design to attempt to increase packing productivity and save you time and money. It’s a common misconception that bespoke cost a small fortune. This is simply not true; please contact one of our customer advisors for assistance so we can understand your needs greater.

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We have state of the art machinery that can manufacture slotted cartons, trays, creased fittings and layer pads. Our converting machinery is equipped to allow us to die cut. This is beneficial when customers request bespoke cardboard boxes that contain hinged hand holes or 0401 boxes most commonly known as a ‘Maltese cross’. Whatever your needs, whether it be printed or plain get in contact with our team at JB Packaging for a free quote today!

What board grade do I need?

When selecting a board grade you must factor in the following; Storing Conditions, Product weight and the desired aesthetic finish. If your products will be stacked on a pallet many don’t consider the huge compression forces applied to the lower boxes. If the compressive load becomes too great the boxes can crumple and in some cases higher boxes topple off the pallet.

Please view the table below for an approximate guideline when selecting your strength. Please note that the maximum capacity can differ depending on the width & length of your box.

B Flute (Single Wall)
Grade Weight capacity
125 Kraft / 125 Test – 5 Kilograms
150 Kraft / 150 Test – 10 Kilograms
200 Kraft / 200 Test – 15 Kilograms
B/C & E/B Flute (Double Wall)
Grade Weight capacity
125 Kraft / 125 Test – 15 Kilograms
150 Kraft / 150 Test – 20 Kilograms
200 Kraft / 200 Test – 30 Kilograms
300 Kraft / 300 Test – 40 Kilograms

Cardboard is constructed from three components. The ‘inside liner’. Which is ordinarily ‘Test’. Which is recycled paper. Then in the middle there is a corrugated ‘fluting’. The strength of this is also customizable. Finally, the ‘outside liner’, which is normally ‘Kraft’. This is slightly more aesthetically pleasing than ‘test. Furthermore, it provides a better canvas for printing. This is because test is marginally thinner and the ink saturates the liner.

B flute provides maximum storage efficiency, moderate strength and best cost efficiency. It is 2.8mm thick. E/B flute provides a combination of warehouse space efficiency and strength. It is 4mm thick. B/C Flute delivers excellent strength and great printability however you can’t get as many on a pallet as it is 6.4mm thick so they will take more warehouse space.

We can offer our bespoke cardboard boxes in a wide range of board grades. We can manufacture them with Kraft (Brown Paper), Test (Brown) and White liners, which can be produced with a glossy finish. The grades stated above are popular liners and grades. We can supply our boxes in various combinations of board grades and liners. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer advisors for further assistance when making your decision.