Large Moving Kit


  • Perfect for 3-4 bedroom house removals
  • Ideal for keeping valuables safe during transit
  • Robust multi-depth boxes
  • Complete packaging supplies: clear tape, double wall boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, marker pen, news offcuts and tape dispenser.



Our moving kits are for collection only from 15 & 16 Coningsby Business Park, Coningsby Road, Peterborough, PE3 8SB

Each Large Moving Kit contains:

20 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (457 x 305 x 305mm)

10 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (457 x 457 x 425mm)

5 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (610 x 457 x 425mm)

4 Rolls of Clear Hotmelt Tape (48mm x 66M)

2 Rolls of Bubble wrap (500mm x 10M)

1 Marker Pen (For Labelling Boxes)

1 Pack of News Offcuts (Wrapping Paper – Approximately 270 Sheets)

1 Tape Dispenser (To Fit 48mm x 66M Tape)

2 Large Wardrobe Boxes (With Hanging Rails)

This large moving kit contains all the packaging supplies needed when moving from a 3-4 Bedroom house.

The kit comes with a total of 37 strong double wall cardboard boxes of four different sizes, the smaller box is more ideal for crockery & the medium more suited to larger items like ornaments and the largest is perfect for large light weight items such as lamps. All our boxes are multi depth. This means you can make the height smaller if needed. This can easily be done by simply using a knife to cut down to the next crease. This is very useful to stop items moving around inside the box, which can cause the contents to get damaged.

It also comes with four rolls of clear hotmelt tape 48mm x 66M, used for sealing the cardboard boxes & two rolls of bubble wrap, which is fantastic for keeping fragile valuables safe in transit. We have also included a permanent marker pen, to be used for labelling each box, this will save you time as you will be able to quickly identify the contents of each box.

Unlike our smaller moving packs this contains a tape dispenser, which would certainly increase productivity when sealing lots of cardboard boxes. No more struggling to find the start of the roll of tape! It features a blade for cutting through the tape & an integrated brake for controlled tape release. This large moving kit also has one pack of news offcuts, more frequently known as fish & chip shop wrapping paper. This is fantastic for packing fragile items such as crockery, ornaments or other valuables. Also, they are used to protect the products surface as well as filling voids.

Finally, this pack includes two wardrobe boxes. They are used to protect clothes whilst moving house & simplify your moving experience. They stop clothes from getting damaged, dirty or creased. They come with hanging rails so you can easily empty the contents from your current wardrobe on the day of your move into the wardrobe box then quickly refill your wardrobe in your new house.

If you are need of a custom fit but at the highest quality, fill out a quote for our made to measure cardboard boxes.

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