Office Moving Kit


  • Designed for small-medium office removals
  • 20 strong double wall cardboard boxes
  • Includes boxes, clear tape, bubble wrap and marker pen
  • Robust to keep valuables safe



Our moving kits are for collection only from 15 & 16 Coningsby Business Park, Coningsby Road, Peterborough, PE3 8SB

Each bespoke Office Moving Kit contains:

10 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (457 x 305 x 305mm)

10 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (457 x 457 x 425mm)

2 Rolls of Clear Hotmelt Tape (48mm x 66M)

1 Roll of Bubble wrap (500mm x 10M)

1 Marker Pen (For Labelling Boxes)

Moving office? Our office moving kit is an affordable and convenient way to manage the packing of your essential office supplies. This office moving kit has all the packaging materials needed for a small-medium sized commercial move.

The kit comes with a total of 20 strong double wall cardboard boxes of two different sizes. The smaller box is perfect for stationery supplies, smaller electronic equipment, kitchen utensils and decorative items. The larger box is perfectly suited to more suited to larger electrical items like computer screens, monitors and speakers.

With our boxes being multi depth, you can tailor the height to suit the contents. To shorten a box, simply cut down to the next crease and recycle the leftover cardboard. Being able to cut each box down to size will help prevent your contents moving around whilst in transit.

A key consideration for any commercial move is ensuring your office contents arrive in as good a condition as when they were first packed. This responsibility is partly on the shoulders of the removal company, but choosing the right packaging is also an important factor. With JB Packaging we only supply superior quality, double wall cardboard which is strong enough to withstand a few knocks and bumps on the road.

This comprehensive kit also comes with two rolls of clear hot melt tape and one roll of bubble wrap, which is a popular cushioning material to keep fragile and high-value items safe in transit. The permanent marker pen will also help you clearly label each box to help you quickly identify the contents of each box.

Whatever you need to pack, we can make a box to match your equipment. If you are in need of custom sized boxes, take a look at our made to measure cardboard boxes.

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