Small Moving Kit


  • Designed for smaller house removals
  • Adjustable box size
  • Superior quality material
  • 15 strong cardboard boxes, 2 rolls of tape, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 1 marker pen.



Our moving kits are for collection only from 15 & 16 Coningsby Business Park, Coningsby Road, Peterborough, PE3 8SB

Each Small Moving Kit contains:

10 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (457 x 305 x 305mm)

5 Strong Double wall Cardboard Boxes (457 x 457 x 425mm)

2 Rolls of Clear Hotmelt Tape (48mm x 66M)

1 Roll of Bubble wrap (500mm x 10M)

1 Marker Pen (For Labelling Boxes)

The small moving kit is perfect for those smaller house moves. With 15 strong double wall cardboard boxes of two different sizes, you can rely on this kit to securely move your items – including more fragile crockery, picture frames or antiques. We only use superior quality cardboard to ensure your items are supported.

The complete kit is designed to conveniently provide everything you need to pack up and go. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your moving day, but with the complete small moving kit, your packing supplies can easily be crossed off your to-do list.

The smaller-sized box is ideal for kitchenware and smaller items from around your home, whilst the larger box is perfect for those bulkier items or ornaments that need to be cushioned with polystyrene or wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap.

Each box is multi depth, meaning you can make the height smaller if necessary. This is particularly useful for preventing items moving around inside the box while in transit to minimise the risk of damage. Simply cut down to the next crease and recycle the leftover cardboard.

This kit also comes with two rolls of clear hot melt tape 48mm x 66m to help you securely seal your boxes once you’ve finished packing. The roll of bubble wrap is fantastic for adding that little extra padding and keeping fragile valuables safe in transit.

You’ll also benefit from having a permanent marker pen to hand which is perfect for labelling each box. On such a busy and stressful occasion as a house move, this will help you quickly identify the contents of each box – super handy once you reach your new house and need to locate the essentials.

Not all house moves are the same. If you have belongings that require a more custom fit, take a look at our made to measure cardboard boxes.

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