Should I Choose Single Wall or Double Wall Cardboard?

Single and Double Wall Cardboard

If you’re a business that sells products and you’re looking for custom-made packaging, you may be wondering whether you should choose single wall or double wall cardboard boxes. As made-to-measure packaging specialists, this is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions, so in this blog we’ll help you select the right type of cardboard box for your products.

Should I Choose Single or Double Wall Cardboard?

Cardboard for commercial packaging is usually constructed from three components: the ‘inside liner’ usually made from recycled paper, the corrugated ‘fluting’ which can be a strength of your choice to suit the products, and the ‘outside liner’.

When selecting the ‘fluting’ and cardboard thickness you should factor in the storing conditions, product weight and the desired aesthetic.

When to Choose Single Wall Cardboard

Single wall boxes are a common choice for packaging lightweight e-commerce products and is a cheaper option than double wall boxes. From cosmetics and accessories, to CDs and toys – there are a wealth of products that are perfect for packaging in single wall boxes. More specifically we recommend that you use single wall cardboard for items that weigh between 5 – 15 kg.

When to Choose Double Wall Cardboard

Made for heavier or higher value items such as flat-screen TVs or expensive jewellery, double wall cardboard offers more strength and rigidity than a single wall box. We recommend double wall boxes for products between 15 and 40 kg.

Specific Measurements

These specific measurements should help you choose the right cardboard strength and thickness for your products.

B Flute (Single Wall)

B Flute (Single Wall) Measurements

B/C & E/B Flute (Double Wall)

B/C & E/B Flute (Double Wall) Measurements

We hope this guide has helped clear up any confusion on whether you should use single or double wall cardboard for your packaging. Using bespoke cardboard boxes means you can tailor your single or double box to perfectly fit the size and shape of your product.

Whether you need a single box to send a gift, or thousands of boxes to pack your products, at JB Packaging we offer a fast turnaround with our made-to-measure packaging services to ensure your customers are kept happy. Each and every bespoke box is carefully designed to provide optimal protection from impacts and crushing and increase packing productivity.