Top 4 Tips to Make Your Product Packaging Leave an Impression

Product Packaging

There are many things to consider when running an eCommerce business and one of those is your packaging. It can be easy to think packaging is just about getting a product safely from A to B, however it also makes good business sense to include your packaging into your overall brand image. In this blog we’re revealing our top 4 tips to make your product packaging leave a good impression on your customers.

1. Make sure the products are protected

First things first, you need to make sure your products are sufficiently protected. If your item is damaged or arrives in poor condition, this will certainly not leave a favourable impression on the recipient, and they will probably complain.

At JB Packaging we can advise on the strength of cardboard and internal supports you should use to give all your items the best chance of arriving in pristine condition.

2. First impressions count!

Let’s face it, most of the post we receive is boring and administrative, so this is your chance to really make someone excited about receiving and opening their parcel from your business. This is where selecting presentable packaging is important.

Whether you want to add your brand image with logo prints or brand colours, first impressions really do count.

Make it exciting to open!

It’s not necessarily all about the outer cover of your box, it’s nice to also include a personalised note inside to thank a customer for shopping with you, or you can even give customers the option to write their own personalised message if they’re sending an item as a gift.

Use a made-to-measure cardboard box

Using a made-to-measure box is a smart solution for packaging all your products. With a box that fits your item like a glove, you can economise on space while also creating a professional impression for your customers.


So there you have our top 4 quick tips for making product packaging look presentable. We hope you found our suggestions useful and we hope your customers will appreciate your new custom boxes and packaging solutions.

With over 35 years’ experience in creating made-to-measure packaging, we’re experts in the industry and know how to perform a quick high-volume turnaround for your business. Contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation quote.